austin, tx

I moved to Austin just last August and being a city lover, I was beyond pumped. Living here over the past 6 months has taught me more than I could’ve ever dreamt of and I’m really starting to appreciate it. Having the option to explore a new place is very exciting, especially when you have a good amount of time to do so. Life stays crazy busy most of the time but I’ve made a promise to myself to explore Austin as much and as well as I can during the time I’m here. I decided to make a blog post of some popular spots in Austin, not to mention a million photos of buildings because I’m obsessed. If you haven’t ever been, I highly recommend it – just avoid coming in March and October so you aren’t overwhelmed with festival goers.  🙂

If any of you currently have the option to move or go somewhere for a lengthy amount of time and feel called to do so, I’m urging you to do it. Having the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, explore a new city and learn more about yourself is something that one should never pass up. The comfort and joy of home is something that never weakens and truly grows the more time you spend away, which is a good thing. You begin to appreciate things more, you don’t take things for granted as much and you start to see the world we live in differently. I know I’ll be moving around from here on out – it’s a joy to see the world, go do it!

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