going to africa always makes me feel like I am on a different planet – I don’t know if it’s the 30 hours of travel, or the culture that hits you the second you step foot onto the pavement or the 8 hour time change – all I know is that I love it, I truly do. in the moment it’s overwhelming and all consuming – being present is so easy because you’re mesmerized by the people, language, vibrant colors,  unbelievable traffic and mountains surrounding you.

addis ababa, ethiopia reminds me of an african los angeles – it’s hard not to love. sitting at about 7,700 feet of elevation with nearly 3.5 million people you can imagine the beautiful chaos that ensues.

this was my third time to visit ethiopia and of course it won’t be my last. on this trip I was lucky enough to bring my camera and document a lot of the things we did – I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and give you guys a peak into a part of the world that makes my heart beat a little quicker and my eyes light up a little more.

enjoy the photos and know that they won’t be the last you see 🙂




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  1. Love it Kelli!!! ❤️❤️

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