marfa & big bend

36 hours spent rushing through west texas only to have my mind completely blown away – not only by the stunning views that consistently put me in a state of shock but also the ample amount of blessings God has placed in my life – a huge example of those blessings are jaime and grace; what the heck did I do to deserve these two people? I couldn’t tell you because they’re a billion times cooler than me, filled with passion that inspires me and they chase hard after their dreams. God has graciously brought us all together to chase one of those huge dreams and each moment we spend together regardless of it being work, conversations or incredible road trips He gives me unmarited assurance that He’s in it.

going off on a road trip into the desert and mountains seemed thrilling when we planned it but I didn’t know it would be a weekend that made me feel completely at peace with where God has me and push me more towards trust over fear. getting out and exploring the world fills a deep part of me that God created to show me that there is so much more in our lives than the small box we tend to trap ourselves in. gaining perspective gave me a sense of peace in the nomadic life I’ve felt I’ve been living lately because the calling I have is to live like Christ and go out into this world spreading His light – that’s it, that’s the extent of it. the dreams and desires we gain along the way that stick with us to the core are the things we must pursue with everything we have and that sense of peace will continually give us strength to push through every situation.

all of this is to say that if you have something you want to do, somewhere you want to go or someone you want to meet – go & do.



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  1. Awesome pics 👍🏻

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